Wednesday, October 5, 2011

HALLOWEEN EVENT: Wet 'n Wild Fantasy Makers Creepy Pumpkin NOTD

Hey everyone! I have a very cute and Halloweeny manicure to show you today! I have a horrible sinus infection, so hopefully that will go away soon. I'm about to do my nails with an OPI polish, so be on the lookout for a new NOTD within the next 3-4 days! Now here's the polish....

Ok, this is Wet 'n Wild Fantasy Makers Creepy Pumpkin! I started out with a base coat, then contiuned with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Snappy Sorbet. This is kind of a toned-down orange, just as a base. I decided to start out with this color because on some blogs, I read that it took 3-5 coats to get opacity, so why not start out with a similar creme?!? Then I added 2 coats of Creepy Pumpkin! This polish is too good for words! When I bought it, I was like "Oh, what the heck? It's $2 and I need another orange!". So I wasn't even that into it when I got it. Now I am in love with it! It's such a pretty colored orange! I contiuned with 2 little hearts on my ring fingers from the Kiss Halloween Nail Decals. Love it! Then I finished with a top coat. I may have to do this color-combo another time before October is over. So here it is.... The first picture is in regular bedroom lighting with the bottle, and the second picture is outside with my little pumpkin!

Just a reminder- If you would like to be featured here on Maggie's Teen Life in a Guest Post for the Halloween Event, please e-mail me at I would love to have you! Thanks so much for reading! :)

~Maggie <3

Sunday, October 2, 2011

HALLOWEEN EVENT: Halloween Nail Art Ideas!

Hey everyone! To kick off the Halloween Event, I though I could start with some cool Halloween Nail Art Ideas! Fun! Below are some ideas that I had, so feel free to use them! If you create any of these Nail Art Ideas, or even your own, feel free to comment youre picture/link! I would be happy to check it out! Which of these ideas would you like to see most during the Halloween Event here at Maggie's Teen Life? Remember that Guest Posts are still open for grabs, if you want to do a Halloween/Fall themed guest post, contact me at

Now onto the Halloween Nail Art Ideas?

Jack-O-Lantern Nail(s)~ At first (expecially for me) creating a Jack-O-Lantern would be really hard! But it really isn't. All you need to do is paint your nail(s) orange, and with a black or yellow polish, go in and create eyes and a little mouth! Easy!

Boo! Accent Nail~ This nail art idea would be easy, yet hard for me. All you would have to do is paint your nails a base color, and then write "Boo!" with striper brush as an accent nail. Easy! for one hand, but writing it with your non-dominant hand would be hard for those challenged people (like me). Perhaps you could ask someone else to write it!

Halloween Altnernating Nails~ This is probably one of the easiest nail art ideas in this post. Halloween Altnernating Nails! Just take a black polish and an orange polish, and paint every other nail the opposite color. For example; one nail orange, the next one black, next nail orange, next nail black, etc. Fun and sooo easy! I need that!

Fake Nails~ This is proably another easy altnernative for Halloween Nail Art! Buy them already decorated! I have been to Walgreens and seen some awesome fake nails by Kiss! Fun, and another easy way!

Dripping Blood Spooky French~ This one is a "Spooky" (instead of funky) French! All you need to do is paint your nails a base color of either black or white. Then get a blood red nail polish, and red nail polish at the tips kind of drizzled to get the "dripping blood" effect.

Eyeball Stew Nail Art~ That would be some stew I WOULD NOT want to eat, haha! For this easy nail art, paint your colors a base color of a color of your choice (preferrably green, purple, or orange, which are Halloween colors). Next, take a dotting tool or other home remedy to dot random which dots all over your nails. Now, take a smaller dotting tool and dot black circles in the white circles to create the pupils. Your Eyeball Stew Nails are served!

Halloween French~ A spooky twist on a classic design! Start by painting your nails a Halloween color, most likely black or orange, and wait for it to dry COMPLETELY! Next, take some tape and tape your nail off to where you can make a tape-french. Take an opposing color (if base is black, use orange; if base is orange, use black), and create your french tip! Tada! A Halloween french! You could also paint your nails with a clear, and tape your french. Paint the french orange, and go in with a striper to create stripes! Once again, another Halloween french!

Candy Corn Nails~ Make your nails look like the yummy candy, just remember not to eat them! First start off painting your nails a solid white. Then go in with your orange and yellow and create the stripes for the candy corn! Easy as well, candy corn! This would also be fun with a one accent nail!

Nail Stickers~ Here's the easy way! Nail Stickers! With my current Halloween Manicure, I have nail stickers one (post coming soon). Super easy and not much time taken at all! Gotta love it!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects~ So easy! And no dry time! These are knock-off Minx, in Halloween Patterns! I believe I made a post on these earlier in the year. You can find them at your local pharmacies (such as Walgreens and CVS), or online at:

Crackle Halloween Nails~ Super in style, and super easy! Start off by painting your nails your favorite Halloween color. Wait to dry. Then go back and paint them with a crackle topcoat in an opposing color! Like I said, easy!

Scary Ghost Nail Art~ Scary, and easy! Perfect combo! Paint your nails with a white base. Once dry go in and paint two eyes, and a long mouth in black! You're done! This would also be fun as an accent nail!

Well, those are about all the Halloween Nail Art Ideas my brain could handle! I'm sure there are a few more bobbling around in my head! Thanks for reading!

-Maggie <3

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The First Annual Maggie's Teen Life Halloween Event!

Here it is: The official invite to the First Annual Maggie's Teen Life Halloween Event! I am so very excited! I really think that this Halloween Event is going to get my blog really started! Plus, it will be a lot of fun anyway! So far, I'm going to have some Guest NOTD by my sister and mom, and a guest post from Shannon at The Kracked Kat! The Kracked Kat is an awesome nail blog, check it out! The link is below! Please tell all of your polish-loving friends about this event! It's going to be a blast!

Check out Shannon at The Kracked Kat:

Guest Posts are OPEN: If you would like to do a Halloween Themed Guest Post(s) during my Halloween Event, I would LOVE to have you! Please just contact me at and we can definitly work something out!

Thanks for reading! Check back soon for more HALLOWEEN FUN!

~Maggie <3

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm Back! & Halloween Event Preview

Wow! I'm finally back! The past few weeks have been very, very busy for me! First I dropped my phone in the toilet, which limited me. Then I got swamped with homework and activities! I love my blog, and I think posting and keeping up with it is so much fun, but I have to keep my life coming first! With the first 6 weeks of school under my wing, I think everything will be back on track now!

Well, I am now planning a HALLOWEEN EVENT here on Maggie's Teen Life! It's not going to be anything huge, and I can't afford to do giveaways at the time (definitly in the futre), so this is what is basically is. There will be more details coming out on Friday or Saturday, but it will basically be going on through the month of Halloween. I will invite maybe 2 or 3 guest posters, share my own Halloween Manicures, and some other fun things along the way! I really want to get my blog running and off the ground, so what an awesome way! Please, please, please, tell your blogging friends! I would love for my blog to grow!

As I mentioned in the title, there is a Halloween Event Preview, and here it is. For my first manicure to kick off the Halloween Event, I have 3 options! And you get to choose! Read the following manicure options below, and then post which one you want to see most! The first choice I will use to kick off the event, and the second choice I will do later in the month!

Manicure Options:
  1. Sally Hansen Snappy Sorbet with Wet 'n Wild Fantasy Makers Creepy Pumpkin over it
  2. Sinful Colors Black On Black with Wet 'n Wild Fantasy Makers Night Glow over it
  3. Sinful Colors Snow Me White with Wet 'n Wild Fantasy Makers Night Glow over it

These are the colors used that will be used! I may also add some Halloween Nail Decals to the manicure!
Please post which manicure option which you would like to see most!
THanks for your feedback! I hope you visit the event!

-Maggie <3