Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm Back! & Halloween Event Preview

Wow! I'm finally back! The past few weeks have been very, very busy for me! First I dropped my phone in the toilet, which limited me. Then I got swamped with homework and activities! I love my blog, and I think posting and keeping up with it is so much fun, but I have to keep my life coming first! With the first 6 weeks of school under my wing, I think everything will be back on track now!

Well, I am now planning a HALLOWEEN EVENT here on Maggie's Teen Life! It's not going to be anything huge, and I can't afford to do giveaways at the time (definitly in the futre), so this is what is basically is. There will be more details coming out on Friday or Saturday, but it will basically be going on through the month of Halloween. I will invite maybe 2 or 3 guest posters, share my own Halloween Manicures, and some other fun things along the way! I really want to get my blog running and off the ground, so what an awesome way! Please, please, please, tell your blogging friends! I would love for my blog to grow!

As I mentioned in the title, there is a Halloween Event Preview, and here it is. For my first manicure to kick off the Halloween Event, I have 3 options! And you get to choose! Read the following manicure options below, and then post which one you want to see most! The first choice I will use to kick off the event, and the second choice I will do later in the month!

Manicure Options:
  1. Sally Hansen Snappy Sorbet with Wet 'n Wild Fantasy Makers Creepy Pumpkin over it
  2. Sinful Colors Black On Black with Wet 'n Wild Fantasy Makers Night Glow over it
  3. Sinful Colors Snow Me White with Wet 'n Wild Fantasy Makers Night Glow over it

These are the colors used that will be used! I may also add some Halloween Nail Decals to the manicure!
Please post which manicure option which you would like to see most!
THanks for your feedback! I hope you visit the event!

-Maggie <3

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