Wednesday, October 5, 2011

HALLOWEEN EVENT: Wet 'n Wild Fantasy Makers Creepy Pumpkin NOTD

Hey everyone! I have a very cute and Halloweeny manicure to show you today! I have a horrible sinus infection, so hopefully that will go away soon. I'm about to do my nails with an OPI polish, so be on the lookout for a new NOTD within the next 3-4 days! Now here's the polish....

Ok, this is Wet 'n Wild Fantasy Makers Creepy Pumpkin! I started out with a base coat, then contiuned with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Snappy Sorbet. This is kind of a toned-down orange, just as a base. I decided to start out with this color because on some blogs, I read that it took 3-5 coats to get opacity, so why not start out with a similar creme?!? Then I added 2 coats of Creepy Pumpkin! This polish is too good for words! When I bought it, I was like "Oh, what the heck? It's $2 and I need another orange!". So I wasn't even that into it when I got it. Now I am in love with it! It's such a pretty colored orange! I contiuned with 2 little hearts on my ring fingers from the Kiss Halloween Nail Decals. Love it! Then I finished with a top coat. I may have to do this color-combo another time before October is over. So here it is.... The first picture is in regular bedroom lighting with the bottle, and the second picture is outside with my little pumpkin!

Just a reminder- If you would like to be featured here on Maggie's Teen Life in a Guest Post for the Halloween Event, please e-mail me at I would love to have you! Thanks so much for reading! :)

~Maggie <3

Sunday, October 2, 2011

HALLOWEEN EVENT: Halloween Nail Art Ideas!

Hey everyone! To kick off the Halloween Event, I though I could start with some cool Halloween Nail Art Ideas! Fun! Below are some ideas that I had, so feel free to use them! If you create any of these Nail Art Ideas, or even your own, feel free to comment youre picture/link! I would be happy to check it out! Which of these ideas would you like to see most during the Halloween Event here at Maggie's Teen Life? Remember that Guest Posts are still open for grabs, if you want to do a Halloween/Fall themed guest post, contact me at

Now onto the Halloween Nail Art Ideas?

Jack-O-Lantern Nail(s)~ At first (expecially for me) creating a Jack-O-Lantern would be really hard! But it really isn't. All you need to do is paint your nail(s) orange, and with a black or yellow polish, go in and create eyes and a little mouth! Easy!

Boo! Accent Nail~ This nail art idea would be easy, yet hard for me. All you would have to do is paint your nails a base color, and then write "Boo!" with striper brush as an accent nail. Easy! for one hand, but writing it with your non-dominant hand would be hard for those challenged people (like me). Perhaps you could ask someone else to write it!

Halloween Altnernating Nails~ This is probably one of the easiest nail art ideas in this post. Halloween Altnernating Nails! Just take a black polish and an orange polish, and paint every other nail the opposite color. For example; one nail orange, the next one black, next nail orange, next nail black, etc. Fun and sooo easy! I need that!

Fake Nails~ This is proably another easy altnernative for Halloween Nail Art! Buy them already decorated! I have been to Walgreens and seen some awesome fake nails by Kiss! Fun, and another easy way!

Dripping Blood Spooky French~ This one is a "Spooky" (instead of funky) French! All you need to do is paint your nails a base color of either black or white. Then get a blood red nail polish, and red nail polish at the tips kind of drizzled to get the "dripping blood" effect.

Eyeball Stew Nail Art~ That would be some stew I WOULD NOT want to eat, haha! For this easy nail art, paint your colors a base color of a color of your choice (preferrably green, purple, or orange, which are Halloween colors). Next, take a dotting tool or other home remedy to dot random which dots all over your nails. Now, take a smaller dotting tool and dot black circles in the white circles to create the pupils. Your Eyeball Stew Nails are served!

Halloween French~ A spooky twist on a classic design! Start by painting your nails a Halloween color, most likely black or orange, and wait for it to dry COMPLETELY! Next, take some tape and tape your nail off to where you can make a tape-french. Take an opposing color (if base is black, use orange; if base is orange, use black), and create your french tip! Tada! A Halloween french! You could also paint your nails with a clear, and tape your french. Paint the french orange, and go in with a striper to create stripes! Once again, another Halloween french!

Candy Corn Nails~ Make your nails look like the yummy candy, just remember not to eat them! First start off painting your nails a solid white. Then go in with your orange and yellow and create the stripes for the candy corn! Easy as well, candy corn! This would also be fun with a one accent nail!

Nail Stickers~ Here's the easy way! Nail Stickers! With my current Halloween Manicure, I have nail stickers one (post coming soon). Super easy and not much time taken at all! Gotta love it!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects~ So easy! And no dry time! These are knock-off Minx, in Halloween Patterns! I believe I made a post on these earlier in the year. You can find them at your local pharmacies (such as Walgreens and CVS), or online at:

Crackle Halloween Nails~ Super in style, and super easy! Start off by painting your nails your favorite Halloween color. Wait to dry. Then go back and paint them with a crackle topcoat in an opposing color! Like I said, easy!

Scary Ghost Nail Art~ Scary, and easy! Perfect combo! Paint your nails with a white base. Once dry go in and paint two eyes, and a long mouth in black! You're done! This would also be fun as an accent nail!

Well, those are about all the Halloween Nail Art Ideas my brain could handle! I'm sure there are a few more bobbling around in my head! Thanks for reading!

-Maggie <3

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The First Annual Maggie's Teen Life Halloween Event!

Here it is: The official invite to the First Annual Maggie's Teen Life Halloween Event! I am so very excited! I really think that this Halloween Event is going to get my blog really started! Plus, it will be a lot of fun anyway! So far, I'm going to have some Guest NOTD by my sister and mom, and a guest post from Shannon at The Kracked Kat! The Kracked Kat is an awesome nail blog, check it out! The link is below! Please tell all of your polish-loving friends about this event! It's going to be a blast!

Check out Shannon at The Kracked Kat:

Guest Posts are OPEN: If you would like to do a Halloween Themed Guest Post(s) during my Halloween Event, I would LOVE to have you! Please just contact me at and we can definitly work something out!

Thanks for reading! Check back soon for more HALLOWEEN FUN!

~Maggie <3

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm Back! & Halloween Event Preview

Wow! I'm finally back! The past few weeks have been very, very busy for me! First I dropped my phone in the toilet, which limited me. Then I got swamped with homework and activities! I love my blog, and I think posting and keeping up with it is so much fun, but I have to keep my life coming first! With the first 6 weeks of school under my wing, I think everything will be back on track now!

Well, I am now planning a HALLOWEEN EVENT here on Maggie's Teen Life! It's not going to be anything huge, and I can't afford to do giveaways at the time (definitly in the futre), so this is what is basically is. There will be more details coming out on Friday or Saturday, but it will basically be going on through the month of Halloween. I will invite maybe 2 or 3 guest posters, share my own Halloween Manicures, and some other fun things along the way! I really want to get my blog running and off the ground, so what an awesome way! Please, please, please, tell your blogging friends! I would love for my blog to grow!

As I mentioned in the title, there is a Halloween Event Preview, and here it is. For my first manicure to kick off the Halloween Event, I have 3 options! And you get to choose! Read the following manicure options below, and then post which one you want to see most! The first choice I will use to kick off the event, and the second choice I will do later in the month!

Manicure Options:
  1. Sally Hansen Snappy Sorbet with Wet 'n Wild Fantasy Makers Creepy Pumpkin over it
  2. Sinful Colors Black On Black with Wet 'n Wild Fantasy Makers Night Glow over it
  3. Sinful Colors Snow Me White with Wet 'n Wild Fantasy Makers Night Glow over it

These are the colors used that will be used! I may also add some Halloween Nail Decals to the manicure!
Please post which manicure option which you would like to see most!
THanks for your feedback! I hope you visit the event!

-Maggie <3

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bath and Body Works Haul! Free Stuff- Mark Your Calendars!

Ok, I went shopping around a week ago (Labor Day), and am just getting around to posting this. Sad much? Just a little bit. I stopped at Bath and Body Works, and this is what I got! It's not too much, but a got some stuff free too! Enjoy!

Some PocketBac Hand Sanitizers! I love these and currently have a lot, but they were all summer scents. Who wants to use summer scents in the fall? Not me! Here's the scents I got (in order from left to right): Cinnamon Raisin Cookie, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Creamy Pumpkin, Apple Caramel, and Candy Corn.

Here are the 2 free products I got! I had a coupon for a free mini travel item, so I got the Paris Amour Lotion. Then with spending $10, I got a free signature collection item, and got the Paris Amour Shower Gel. I tend to go through shower gel faster than lotion, so that's why I got the big shower gel and the small lotion.

This (even though it is hard to see) is my ScentBug Oil. The scent is Spiced Cider. Next to it is the flyer I got for.....

The Sweetest Home Fragrance Event at Bath and Body Works!

Credit to Bath and Body Works for the Photo.

All the events are listed on the right side of the picture, and here is the information on the FREE GIFT.

You get a Free Gift with any Home Fragrance Purchase. The Free gift is a Tote and 3 Mini Candles in: Candied Sugar Plum, Marshmallow Peppermint, and Gingerbread! Yum! Supplies are limited, and this is only while supplies last. It is not on previous purchases, and there is a limit of 1 per customer.

Also, Charmed Life comes out October 3rd! Here is the description: "A charming blend of guava, pear, and vanilla musk inspired by taking chances, having fun, and savoring life's fabulous moments."

That's about it, thanks for reading! I will be posting my 9/11 manicure in the next few days, so keep an eye out. Thanks once again, and take a moment to remember the lives lost today a decade ago.

Friday, September 9, 2011

2 NOTD! Crackle and Dots!

Good evening! TGIF! I am so happy! I'm kind of tired, so I won't talk to much. In the first two pictures, I used some Sally Hansen Crackle in Snow Blast over a Sally Hansen nail strengthener. In the second two pictures, I was practing some simple nail art in dots. The pink is Ulta Wicked and the black is Sinful Colors Black on Black! Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!

-Maggie <3


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's Ulta Day! NOTD: Ulta Sponging and New Ulta Polish Packs

Yay! It's Ulta Day! Not really, just because all the polish in this post, is Ulta brand! Fun! So I have two topics to cover in this post..... Read on!

So my grandma came to Texas this weekend and I got the oppurtunity to do her nails! She has really strong, long (and a little uneven, but who cares) nails. I love to paint them! So for this manicure, I started off with a base of Ulta Salon Formula Taupe on a Rope. Their website says that it is a creme, but I disagree because it has a gold shimmer to it. With that gold shimmer, I decided to add some sponging to half the nail in Ulta Professional Gold Rush (from the Metallico Collection). It was really cute and really easy!

So the second topic I have is that Ulta has released new polish sets! I was checking out their website and saw these two new polish sets. I haven't been to my local Ulta to buy these yet, or to even see if they have them! I definitly want to though! Also, Ulta has some "Quake" (Crackle) Duos out, so check their website!

These pictures are from and are owned by them.

This is the Ulta Strut-Worthy Collection which apparently has a Peacock theme. The polishes in order are: Fowl Play, Don't Pea-Cocky, Shake your Tail-feather, and Social Pheasantries. This set is $7.99.

This is the Ulta Professional Love Bites Halloween Collection. It is only $10 and comes with the colors Vampire Kiss and Howl at the Moon.

Yay! Happy Ulta Day! Thanks for reading and I'll see ya soon!

-Maggie <3

Monday, September 5, 2011

TOTD: Ovarian Cancer "Teal Toes" Nail Design

Wow.... I really don't like feet. Expecially mine. But in honor of Ovarian Cancer, a worthy cause, I sported some "Teal Toes" with little white and pink dots. I used the pink dots because of Breast Cancer. I used some non-lable polishes. Nothing special. I just thought I would post a little something before I went to bed. Thanks for reading!

-Maggie <3

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Small Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta Haul

Ok, so yesterday I went to Ulta and Sally's with only $20 to spend from my lovely family! I came home with a few purchases, so here they are!

First, at Sally's I got a 2.5 (huge) FL OZ of Beauty Secrets Top Coat. This is my first time trying it, so I'm excited! I think I got it for only like $6.

Next, I went to Ulta, and came home with the following.....

Well, Fantasy Makers (by Wet n Wild) has their Halloween products out. They come with a few types of nail polish at only $2 a bottle! What a deal! I only got two bottles, but they have four total, so I want to go back soon and pick them up! Aren't those bottles the cutest! They are gravestones! Gotta love it! I also got a Sally Hansen holographic confetti topcoat. From left to right: Fantasy Makers (Glow in the Dark) Night Glow, Fantasy Makers Creepy Pumpkin, and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear In the Spotlight. I will be starting my Halloween manicures (so much fun!) in October, so stay tuned!

Next, at Ulta, Fantasy Makers tattoos! I suprisingly don't use these for my face or body or even skin! I use them for my nails! I cut out the part of the tattoo I want, and then apply it to my nail! Super easy nail art! Manicures with these will probably be coming in October. They were only $3 which is good, I may go back and get some more Halloween-themed ones.

Thanks for ready! Look for a new NOTD soon!

~Maggie <3

Friday, September 2, 2011

Nail Repair, 2 Del Sol NOTDs, and Kiss Halloween Nail Decals!

Hello everyone! Happy September! I just got done with my 2nd week of school, and it is going great! I am currently growing my nails out, but they aren't going to be very long, concerning I am only 13. I think the ideal length would be a little past my fingertips. I haven't been doing solid colors, just glitters the past week almost. My nails peel and tear very very easy, so the two nail products I have been using are Sally Hansen Miracle Cure and Essie Grow Faster. These products together work so great! Last time I took the glitter polish off, my nails were almost repaired, and grew a good amount. Now onto the Del Sol NOTDs....

Ok, these two pictures are the first glitter manicures I have worn this week. As I mentioned above, I am wearing Sally Hansen Miracle Cure and Essie Grow Faster. This Del Sol Glitter is from their holiday collection 2010, and it's name is Silver Bells. I used 2 coats. When you go outside it turns gold. Like I said, I have been busy, so I didn't have time to go outside and wait for it to change colors. The first picture is in normal bedroom lighting, and the second one is under a lamp.

These two pictures are the second glitter manicures I have done this week. I used the two remairing polishes I mentioned above, followed by 2 coats of Del Sol's Tinsel Toes, also from their Holiday Collection 2010. It is a gold glitter, and when you go outside it turns red. Once again, I have been busy, so I couldn't get outside to take a picture. The first picture is in my bedroom's normal lighting, and the second picture is under a lamp.

Yay! This is my favorite part of this post! I was at Walgreens getting some posterboard for a class project, and of course I couldn't go in without looking at the nail polish. While I was looking, I ran across these Halloween Nail Decals! I am not a very good nail artist when I am doing nails to myself, so I thought these would be a great solution! As it's being the first part of September, I won't be wearing these until Halloween, but I really can't wait! Some things like the stars and skulls I can wear almost anytime of the year. Keep a lookout for manicures done with these! I also think I will purchase the OPI Spookettes Collection.

Thanks for reading!

-Maggie <3

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NOTD: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Green With Envy and Sally Hansen Limited Editon Salon Effects

Wow! That is a really long title! So I was in the mood for some green nail polish, and found this color! It is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Green with Envy! I loved the color, and it was almost opaque with one coat. I think I could have gone with the one, but I just had to be sure so I went with two. It's a really nice creme that I'm happy to have! I'm doing my nails at the moment with some strengthener at the moment. I actually think I'm going to keep them clear for a few days so they can re-strengthen. My nails peel a lot, so they need a break. This picture of this green is taken in my normal bedroom lighting. Sorry I only got one!

The next thing I am very excited to show you are the Sally Hansen Limited Edition Halloween Salon Effects! The Salon Effects are nail polish strips that you apply to your nail. I've used them before, and they are really cool! They are coming out with 5 special Halloween patterns that I have to get my hands on!

These strips come in 5 patterns:
1.) Hot Wired: This design has a lime green background with the pattern of barbed wire printed on it.
2.) Wish Nets: This design has a deep red background with a printed fishnet design on it.
3.) Ghoulie Girl: This design has adorable orange and white ghosts on a black background.
4.) Numbskull: Black printed skulls on a white background are printed on this design.
5.) Spun for You: A silver/grey/white base with black spider webs is printed on this design.

Credit to The Nailphile for me hearing about these:

Go to the following URL to see all of the patterns!

Thanks for reading!
<3 Maggie

Sunday, August 28, 2011

NOTD: Del Sol Holly Berry (UV Color Changing Nail Polish)

Ok, well in December my family went on a Disney Cruise to the Carribean as a Christmas gift. It was so much fun! While we were at port at one of the islands, we ran across a Del Sol Store. Del Sol translates to "The Sun", which is a reasonable name. Del Sol Products are UV Ray Activated and change colors in the sun. Along with a variety of other products, Del Sol sells color changing nail polishes. These are not like Mood Polishes that change with heat, but they change when UV Rays hit them. Because this was in December, they had a special holiday set. I got a set of three for about $20 which is a very good deal, because these polishes usually sell for $10 each.

I got to go to an event called Santa in the Summer, so I thought that this holiday color would look good with both my shirt and the theme. It's called Holly Berry which is a very good name. It is a pretty red with glitter in it. The application is very smooth, but I had to use 3 coats. It was pretty fast drying, but not as good as I would like. I don't know if it was my topcoat, but it chipped that night when I was playing Black Jack. So not the best wear, and definitly not for school. But I was pleased with the color for that event. Whenever in the sun, it is supposed to change to a purple color. It wasn't very sunny outside yesterday, so I don't think it changed to it's full potential. The first picture is the color inside. The second picture is about after 4 minutes outside, and the third picture is after about 10 minutes outside.

Check out more Del Sol Polishes at their website:

Thanks for reading,
Maggie <3

Saturday, August 27, 2011

NOTD: Little Sister's Back to School Manicure

Wow! It feels like forever since I have posted on my own blog! I have been so busy going back to school! Well, about a week ago, I did my little sister's nails for her to go back to school! This was so fun and it came out perfectly! I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Lacey Lilac and then a Kiss Nail Striper in blue. She loved them and so did I! Well since the last time I have posted, I have worn 3 manicures that I have not been able to get pictures of! But I will definitly get back on track. I just painted my nails with a very special color to go to an event tonight, and pictures of that will be up tomorrow or Monday! Here's her manicure! Thanks for reading!

Maggie <3

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Already 6 days & Revlon Shazam Review

Wow.... Already 6 days since I have posted on my blog! Sorry it has been a while, but I have been grounded (for only about 3 days), and then got really busy! I actually start school Monday the 22nd, so that was another reason I have been busy! So once again, sorry for not posting.

For today's post I am going to review the Revlon Shazam that I wore in my last post. I have actually had another manicure since then, which was just playing aroun with taping, so definitly not anything you want to see. It could scar you.

So Revlon Shazam was a very pretty pink glitter. I ended up wearing this polish for only about 1/2 a day. With the 3 coats, it took forever for the last coat to dry. And this was a dry in 60 seconds nail color. Misleading.... Even the night after I painted them, I would touch something and it would make an impression. I don't know if it was just me, but I wasn't to pleased with this color.

Tomorrow I will be doing my back to school manicure, a black and white water marble using Sinful Colors! There polishes work good for me doing water marbling, so I look forward to this manicure! Thanks for reading, and come back soon!

Hugs and kisses,
Maggie <3

Sunday, August 14, 2011

NOTD: Revlon Shazam and Ulta Metallico Collection Swatches

Ok! So today's NOTD will be Shazam by Revlon! This color is a sparkly pink! It really only took me about 2 coats to get it opaque, but I went with 3 just in case there was a little color peeking out, plus you just have to love the extra sparkle! This isn't my nail polish, but it is my friend Katie's! I was over at her house, and I saw this, and just had to borrow it! So here is Shazam by Revlon! The first picture is with my basic room lighting, and the second is by a lamp!

Ok, so these next colors are swatches from Ulta's Metallico Collection! Sorry for the bad lighting, but I had to take a picture in my friend's bathroom before we did our nails! I also topped off the manicure with the Top Coat that came with the collection. The colors are in order: Pinky- Gold Rush; Ring- Rock-A-Billy; Middle- Quick Silver; Pointer (sorry, I didn't shape my nail before I put the polish on)- Metallic Mania.

Thank you so much for reading! I will have another post or NOTD, or something LOL up within the next few days! See ya soon!

Loves and Hugs,
Maggie <3

Friday, August 12, 2011

NOTD: Grandma's Nail Art

Hey everyone! So today's NOTD (Nails of the Day- Sad, I just figured that out) are my Grandma's nails! I did these yesterday when she came to Texas to help my mom decorating our new kitchen. I love doing other people's nails, so what an oppurtunity! These nails are based off CutePolish's "Polka Dot Nails For Beginners". Her video is on YouTube: I changed it up a little with bigger polka dots with them closer together, and I dotted the nails before I removed the tape. That's about it! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy these nails!

Hugs and kisses,
Maggie <3

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ulta Haul! 8-11-11

Ok, so I have been waiting to go to Ulta for THE LONGEST TIME, once I got my *moms* catalouge and certificate in the mail, like 3 weeks ago. We were on Level 2, which had kind of dissapointing rewards. But lucky for me, you could get 2 Level 1 rewards, so I went for the FREE Ulta nail polishs. Plus, if you spend $17.50 you get a free gift! Who can resist that? I ended up getting more than I expected (who doesn't?), so it's all posted below!

Ok, so here is my oh so lovely Ulta bag! It's actually kind of sad, the bag they gave me had a hole in it, but I still got my stuff- so I shouldn't be complaining!

Ok, these five beautys are from the Ulta Metallico Collection! They came in a five pack for only $12.95! Sorry for the sideways picture, stupid Maggie and the ways I take pictures! You still get the colors though! The quality of the picture is not the best in the 2nd one, but I will be doing swatches with these colors soon so you can see the finished product. The colors from left to right are: Metallic Mania, Quick Silver, Rock-A-Billy, Gold Rush, and Top Coat. Ulta claims that these colors are "a perfect finish in one coat", so I can't wait to try them!

These next two pictures are my FREE GIFT! Sorry the quality is not that good, but you still see all it included. This came with: 2 Eyeshadow Quads, a Mini Nail Lacquer, Full Size Lipstick, Dual-Ended Lip Gloss, 3 Piece Brush Set, Blush, 2 Dual-Ended Liners (both lip and eye), Full-Size Lengthening Mascara, and a Cosmetic Bag! A $75 value! I just had to get it!

This is just a cute purple powder brush that I got! I needed a new one, so I obviously got one! Not much to say about this.... it's soft!

Ok, the first two nail polishes are the two I got free for my Ulta Rewards, and the third came in my free gift package! These colors didn't come out exactly with my lighting... Oh well.
From Left to Right: Ulta Professional "Green With Envy", Ulta Professional "The Skinny", Ulta "Wicked".

That's about it for this haul! I was quite happy! I only go shopping for this stuff every 3 months, so I'm excited! Check back for swatches/manicure of the Metallico Collection, and just for everything going on in Maggie's Teen Life! As always, thanks for reading!

Hugs and Kisses,
Maggie <3

Mobile Test Run!

Hey guys (if anyone is really interested to read this)! This is Maggie, and right now, I am testing out mobile blogging on my iPhone. I'm going to hook up my phone to my computer later so that I can show you some pictures, hopefully in the next few days! That's about it for now!

EDIT: Here I am on my computer, I had to come in and add a title and stuff! I'm such a perfectionist and used to the order of things! Haha, that's about it! And like I said above, look forward to some pictures coming soon!

Thanks for reading!

Hugs and kisses,
Maggie <3

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My 1st Post!

Oh how exciting! My first post on my first blog! Haha, well I guess I am just testing out the system and stuff. This is really cool and exciting! I can't wait to really get started! I will probably be posting mostly nail art and then venting/ranting from my "exciting" life. Lol, I doubt many people will subscribe, but I never know! I think I'm going to test out the mobile posting later tonight or tomorrow. But, *yawn*, I guess I'm tired so I better go to sleep! Definitly expect more from this blog!

Thanks for reading!

Hugs and kisses,
Maggie <3