Sunday, September 4, 2011

Small Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta Haul

Ok, so yesterday I went to Ulta and Sally's with only $20 to spend from my lovely family! I came home with a few purchases, so here they are!

First, at Sally's I got a 2.5 (huge) FL OZ of Beauty Secrets Top Coat. This is my first time trying it, so I'm excited! I think I got it for only like $6.

Next, I went to Ulta, and came home with the following.....

Well, Fantasy Makers (by Wet n Wild) has their Halloween products out. They come with a few types of nail polish at only $2 a bottle! What a deal! I only got two bottles, but they have four total, so I want to go back soon and pick them up! Aren't those bottles the cutest! They are gravestones! Gotta love it! I also got a Sally Hansen holographic confetti topcoat. From left to right: Fantasy Makers (Glow in the Dark) Night Glow, Fantasy Makers Creepy Pumpkin, and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear In the Spotlight. I will be starting my Halloween manicures (so much fun!) in October, so stay tuned!

Next, at Ulta, Fantasy Makers tattoos! I suprisingly don't use these for my face or body or even skin! I use them for my nails! I cut out the part of the tattoo I want, and then apply it to my nail! Super easy nail art! Manicures with these will probably be coming in October. They were only $3 which is good, I may go back and get some more Halloween-themed ones.

Thanks for ready! Look for a new NOTD soon!

~Maggie <3

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