Friday, September 2, 2011

Nail Repair, 2 Del Sol NOTDs, and Kiss Halloween Nail Decals!

Hello everyone! Happy September! I just got done with my 2nd week of school, and it is going great! I am currently growing my nails out, but they aren't going to be very long, concerning I am only 13. I think the ideal length would be a little past my fingertips. I haven't been doing solid colors, just glitters the past week almost. My nails peel and tear very very easy, so the two nail products I have been using are Sally Hansen Miracle Cure and Essie Grow Faster. These products together work so great! Last time I took the glitter polish off, my nails were almost repaired, and grew a good amount. Now onto the Del Sol NOTDs....

Ok, these two pictures are the first glitter manicures I have worn this week. As I mentioned above, I am wearing Sally Hansen Miracle Cure and Essie Grow Faster. This Del Sol Glitter is from their holiday collection 2010, and it's name is Silver Bells. I used 2 coats. When you go outside it turns gold. Like I said, I have been busy, so I didn't have time to go outside and wait for it to change colors. The first picture is in normal bedroom lighting, and the second one is under a lamp.

These two pictures are the second glitter manicures I have done this week. I used the two remairing polishes I mentioned above, followed by 2 coats of Del Sol's Tinsel Toes, also from their Holiday Collection 2010. It is a gold glitter, and when you go outside it turns red. Once again, I have been busy, so I couldn't get outside to take a picture. The first picture is in my bedroom's normal lighting, and the second picture is under a lamp.

Yay! This is my favorite part of this post! I was at Walgreens getting some posterboard for a class project, and of course I couldn't go in without looking at the nail polish. While I was looking, I ran across these Halloween Nail Decals! I am not a very good nail artist when I am doing nails to myself, so I thought these would be a great solution! As it's being the first part of September, I won't be wearing these until Halloween, but I really can't wait! Some things like the stars and skulls I can wear almost anytime of the year. Keep a lookout for manicures done with these! I also think I will purchase the OPI Spookettes Collection.

Thanks for reading!

-Maggie <3

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