Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's Ulta Day! NOTD: Ulta Sponging and New Ulta Polish Packs

Yay! It's Ulta Day! Not really, just because all the polish in this post, is Ulta brand! Fun! So I have two topics to cover in this post..... Read on!

So my grandma came to Texas this weekend and I got the oppurtunity to do her nails! She has really strong, long (and a little uneven, but who cares) nails. I love to paint them! So for this manicure, I started off with a base of Ulta Salon Formula Taupe on a Rope. Their website says that it is a creme, but I disagree because it has a gold shimmer to it. With that gold shimmer, I decided to add some sponging to half the nail in Ulta Professional Gold Rush (from the Metallico Collection). It was really cute and really easy!

So the second topic I have is that Ulta has released new polish sets! I was checking out their website and saw these two new polish sets. I haven't been to my local Ulta to buy these yet, or to even see if they have them! I definitly want to though! Also, Ulta has some "Quake" (Crackle) Duos out, so check their website!

These pictures are from and are owned by them.

This is the Ulta Strut-Worthy Collection which apparently has a Peacock theme. The polishes in order are: Fowl Play, Don't Pea-Cocky, Shake your Tail-feather, and Social Pheasantries. This set is $7.99.

This is the Ulta Professional Love Bites Halloween Collection. It is only $10 and comes with the colors Vampire Kiss and Howl at the Moon.

Yay! Happy Ulta Day! Thanks for reading and I'll see ya soon!

-Maggie <3

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